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Fic: Losing your Memory (Preface and Chapter 1)

Title: Losing your Memory
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Jacob/Nessie, Bella/Edward etc.
Word Count: The Preface has 275 words and the first chapter has 1,546 words. :)
"I'm lost. Trapped in a body I don't know. These faces, these extremely kind people, I'm supposed to know them but I don't. Whoever Nessie is I don't know her. She's gone. I took her place. I'm just the hallowed out version of her."
Renesmee Cullen has woken up in the woods with no memory of her life. She doesn't remember anything.
Her name, her family, her Jacob. It's all gone because she hit her head. With the help of her family they all try to help her remember her life and who she is.
Jacob of course is trying to do the same, but he's also trying to get Renesmee to remember his love for her.
Renesmee is lost and confused in her own mind. Join her on her journey to try to gain her memory back.

A/N: This fic is based on this amazing video by MandyCandy218 on Youtube. Her video is breath taking and it inspired me to write this fic. I recommended you all go and watch this video before you read this fic because it's stunning. :) If you read this fic please, please, please comment! I'd love to hear what people think of this.
(Read it Here at my journal!)
Tags: fanfic: rated pg-13
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