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Jacob & Nessie

for true fans of this ship

Jacob x Nessie
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Welcome to jacobxnessie, a community for fans of the relationship between Jacob Black and Renesmee "Nessie" Cullen, whether it be platonic or romantic, from the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

   I could see that now—how the universe swirled around this one point. I'd never seen the symmetry of the universe before, but now it was plain.
   The gravity of the earth no longer tied me to the place where I stood.
   It was the baby girl in the blond vampire's arms that held me here now.

- from Breaking Dawn, Book II: Jacob, Ch. 18: 'There Are No Words For This'.

In this community you may post fanfiction, graphics (icons, wallpapers, headers etc), fanmixes, fanvideos or just general discussions about the pair and Breaking Dawn. Hopefully we'll also get a movie, but let's not get that far ahead of ourselves!

+ julvett for the art in the banner/header
+ CSS overrides by palebird
+ Profile codes by gossymer

Your friendly mod is Jess hazy_crazy, who felt it was time this pairing deserved a little love!


+ POSTS must be about Jacob/Nessie (or you wouldn't be here!). You may post about them separately but let's not get carried away.

+ IF you are posting more than three icons (or other graphics) then they must either go under an lj-cut or provide a link to another journal.

+ GIVE credit where its due, whether you're posting someone else's art or fanfiction.

+ PLEASE no hotlinking! You can upload your images to free image hosting sites such as Photobucket, Imageshack or TinyPic, just to name a few.

+ AND BE NICE. This is meant to be a friendly and fun community for all J/N fans to discuss this pair without fear of being ridiculed. Anyone caught hating or trolling will be banned before they can say "Renesmee". You have been warned!

When posting fanfic, you may use the following template if you wish:

Word Count:
Warnings: (if necessary)